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Modify a service
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To modify a service, perform the following steps:

1.Click on Account Settings

2.Click on Employees & Services

3.Select the desired employee

4.Click on Services

5.Select the desired service and make the desired changes

You will now be able to configure:

  • The service name, description, category, if this service is for 2 persons and whether you want to translate these

  • The duration, the price, if you wish to display the price when booking an appointment and/or if this service is taxable, if the duration is based on the client's last appointment, the color of the appointment in your schedule, in more of the order of display of this service when making an appointment online

  • If you want a break after appointments for this service, if you want to offer appointments at a specific time, if you can see more than one client at the same time for this service, you can specify in which locations this service is offered

  • You can specify in which room this service is offered, whether it requires an equipment, select which clients can choose this service, as well as prevent last minute appointments

  • If you want to allow clients to make an appointment for their child or a dependent person, if the service is at the client's home, your client must enter their address while booking an appointment, then customize the Reason label that will display within the appointment booking. Finally, you can apply specific actions to services using customer labels

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