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How to Create an Intake Form
How to Create an Intake Form

How to Create an Intake Form

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To create an intake form, follow these steps:

1. Click on Charting

2. Go to Intake Forms

3. Click on + Add

4. Name your intake form

5. Determine the language of the intake form

  • Make sure you are creating an English and a French version, if you are seeing both clienteles

  • Also, make sure you have set the Preferred Communication Language (under Client Information) for all of your clients

  • The intake form will then be sent in English or in French, depending on the client's preference

6. Select which information you would like to get from your client (Gender, Date of Birth and/or Address). It will then be added here will directly to his/her profile

7. Check the question Notify professional by email when client completes their intake form, if needed

8. Click + Question to add all the necessary questions to your intake form. If needed, please consult this article, to know how to create a charting template

9. To reorganize the display, there are a few options available to you:

A.The 2 arrows icon can make the field box bigger or smaller

B. The icon with the 4 arrows allows you to reposition the field box. However, please note that this is only going to change how you see your clients answers and it will not change the display they view the questions in. On their end, clients will see the questions displayed from top to bottom / left to right

C. The pen icon allows you to edit the information in the field

D. The trashbin icon let you delete a field box

10. Once the questions have been set up, go to the Services tab

11. Select the desired employee on the left

12. On the right, check the service(s) you would like this form to be linked to

13. Click on Details

14. You can customize the text your clients have to read and consent to be able to submit their form

15. If you wish for clients to fill out this form only once, check this box. Otherwise, they will be asked to fill it out before every appointment (or class)

* You can also watch our YouTube tutorial on how to create an intake form here:

Please note the intake form can also be filled on a mobile phone.

There are 3 ways your client can fill out this form:

1. By filling it immediately at the end of the online booking process

2. By clicking on the link included in the notification email

3. Or in the reminder email.

Here is an example of the notification email sent if a customer has completed their form and you have chosen to be informed.

A Form icon will also be visible on the customer's appointment

Once completed by your client, the form will be listed in their client file, as below:

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