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COVID-19: New Features
COVID-19: New Features
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Updated over a week ago

Rest assured that our team is working hard to support you through this period and that, like you, we're re-adjusting ourselves with every passing day.

Thus, we have developed 4 new features that are conceived specifically to help you manage the new needs that arise in a situation like this one.

1. Display a personalized pop-up message when you deactivate online appointment booking

In your account, go to Account Settings / Business / Options.
After choosing to disable online booking, you'll be able to enter a personalized message that clients will see when trying to book your services.

2. Cancelling an appointment for COVID-19 : Share the reason with your client in the notification email they receive

Paid plans only

As usual, click on the garbage bin icon to cancel an appointment. Afterwards, you'll be able to choose the cancellation reason COVID-19 in de dropdown menu.

The checkbox "Share reason with client" will be checked automatically when selecting COVID-19 reason with a suggested message in the reason details according to the client's language. Your client will receive this message the cancellation notification email.

Keep track
We suggest you to use this reason since we are aiming to add a report later on to easily find all clients with whom appointments were cancelled due to COVID-19, so you can reach out to them and rebook an appointment when the crisis will be over.

3. Define your own payment refund rules when a client cancels their appointment

In your account, go to Account Settings / Business / Online Payments.
Then, specify your preferred refund settings in the "Payment Options by Service" section.

4. Full payment required when booking: Update in the message displayed in the confirmation email

When a full payment is required at the time of booking, the confirmation email no longer indicates that the customer has the choice to either pay immediately or at the time of their appointment.
So when you book an appointment by phone, your client will receive a confirmation email containing the invoice and a sentence strictly stating that an immediate payment should be made.

We hope that these new features will lighten your workload a bit while you navigate these unprecedented times. Let's remember that this situation is temporary.

If you have any questions, please contact us in writing.

Many thanks for your understanding. We send you lots of courage and wishes of good health!

The GOrendezvous team.

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