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Appointment for 2 people
Appointment for 2 people
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This feature was created to allow a professional to offer a service for two people at the same time. For example, for couples therapy.

If you are looking for how to use the functionality of a child or dependent, please see the link here.

This article covers the following:

1. Creation of a service for two people

2. Creation of an appointment

3. Appointment management

4. Charting

5. Billing

6. Insurance receipt

7. Insurance claim with eClaims

8. Compliance with Quebec professional orders

9. Impact on your pricing with GOrendezvous

1. Creation of a service for two people

1.1. Before you can create the appointment, a service for two people must be created.

To create a service, you need to follow these steps:

1.Click on the Settings menu

2. Choose the Employees and Services tab

3. Select the employee

4. Click on the Services menu under your employee's name

5. Click on the Add Appointment Service button

6. Choose the option Yes "Appointment is for two persons".

7. Press Save when you have entered all the information for this appointment.

2. Creation of an appointment

2.1. When your client books their appointment on their own, it's possible for them to add the second person. However, the option «Appointment is for two persons» needs to be activated.

For example :

2.2. In a case where you create the appointment for your client, you need to select the service for two persons. Then, it’ll be possible to write both names in the appointment.

In this example, we selected the service Psychotherapy — Couples Therapy and added the name Amy Braunstein and Dwayne Parker.

3. Appointment management

3.1. When you click on an appointment, you will see two tabs with information associated to each client. For example, their billing, their receipt, etc.

In the example below, we see a tab for the client Amy Braunstein (1) and one for Dwayne Parker (2) :

3.2. The reminders appear with a bell icon for each client who receive an appointment reminder or a check mark for each client who confirmed their presence to the appointment :

3.3. If you want to manually send a notification email, you will see the option to send it to one or two clients at a time.

To do this, click on the client's appointment, choose the client's tab, and then :

1. Click on Actions

2. Click on Resend Notification Email

3. Choose the notification for both or for one client.

3.4. If one of the two clients cancel the appointment, it will show as cancelled :

4. Charting

4.1. You can consult charts and forms associated to both people in a joint file.

To do this, follow these steps :

1. Click on Charting

2. Choose the employee

3. Click on the tab Schedule or Files

4. Choose the state of the file Not Completed or All

5. Choose the client.s needed

In this example, it is possible to consult Amy Braunstein's form AND Dwayne Parker's for the 2 people appointment.

4.2. Please note that files related to the client having had appointments alone before will be joint to this client only. For example, if Amy Braunstein consulted the professional Emma Morency for a service defined for one person, the chart for this appointment will be associated with Amy Braunstein only, and not with Dwayne Parker as well.

5. Billing

If you want to separate the service amount between clients, click on the appointment, choose the client and go to the Billing tab.

Then click on the button with the division sign ÷

Then, it is up to you to define the percentage to split the bill:

6. Insurance receipt

The insurance receipt is adapted according to the selected client.

Click on the appointment, choose (1) the client and click on the Receipt button :

In this example, we have selected Amy Braunstein. The first name displayed will be hers, along with her date of birth.

There is also a label indicating the percentage to be paid by the client.

7. Insurance claim with eClaims

No change. You can view the "How to Submit a Claim with Telus eClaims" documentation here.

8. Compliance with Quebec professional orders

We have taken into account the various rules issued by the orders, including the Code of Ethics of Quebec Sexologists dated January 1, 2022 and the Guide to Record Keeping and Consulting Rooms for Sexologists 2019. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department if you have any questions on this subject.

9. Impact on your pricing with GOrendezvous

This type of appointment counts as two appointments, since we have to pay for the duplicate communications with our provider. Therefore, if your subscription has a limit of appointments per month, you should know that this will count as two appointments.

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